2017 Annual Report

Our Team Strength

For the last four years, one of every four new business wins or expansions in Georgia has been within a MEAG Power community.* This is a solid track record and one that continually invigorates Participants to make their winning hometowns even better.

MEAG Power
Attracted Over
$1 Billion
in New Investment
in 2017
More Than
in 2017

Today’s businesses are looking for locations that offer multiple advantages, top among those being an educated, skilled workforce. To ensure that their locations meet this requirement, our Participants are working with nearby colleges and universities to focus on intensified studies in key industries such as healthcare, automotive and process manufacturing. Additionally, many of the MEAG Power Participants are proud that they have Georgia College and Career Academies providing early counseling and training internships to help educate students on local industry careers.

MEAG Power communities excel when it comes to other site selection criteria, too. Many are close to major roadways. Others claim important rail access, capitalize on the state’s expanding inland and sea-ports or are near Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airport. Additionally, they offer high-tech business complexes, advantageous development zones and a modern quality of life — one with downtowns that focus on the experience as well as curb appeal: family concerts and lighted walkways, upscale restaurants and renovated lofts, youth sports and green space.

MEAG Power
Ownership of Over
2,000 MW
of Generating

Plus, MEAG Power Participants are public power communities. The electric utility is owned by the community, and revenues collected benefit that community — its businesses, retailers and residents. Rates and policies are controlled locally to attract commercial enterprises and allow them to thrive in their community. Decisions and service are locally delivered so they are streamlined and quick.

State for

for Fifth
Consecutive Year

Combine these Participant advantages and resources with Georgia’s award-winning business climate, voted number one in the country for the fifth straight year. Add in the state’s gold standard Quick Start program, providing customized technical training free of charge. And note too, that Georgia is a Right to Work state with a low cost of living and low state income tax.

Put it all together and it is no wonder that in the last three years, MEAG Power communities have been energized and extremely successful — adding nearly 17,000 jobs and securing new capital investment of $3.9 billion.*

Georgia Home to
Job Training

* Source: Electric Cities of Georgia. These numbers solely reflect activity reported by the Georgia Department of Economic Development. MEAG Power’s Participants directly captured more jobs and additional capital investment as a result of their own local efforts.