2017 Annual Report

Our Benefit to Participants

MEAG Power has built a strong, stable enterprise. In five years, we have limited the wholesale power cost impact to an increase of just 0.24 cents. During 2017, energy delivered by MEAG Power was 67% emissions-free. And, the completion of nuclear Vogtle Units 3&4 will support a continued low-emission energy supply.

Clean, Emissions-
free Wholesale
Energy for the Ninth
Straight Year
Access to Statewide
High Voltage Transmission
Grid Throughout Georgia

Since MEAG Power’s inception we have negotiated many contracts beneficial to our Participants, including those for natural gas pipeline capacity. Indeed, when it’s more economical than generating power, MEAG Power uses its pipeline capacity to make favorable gas sales into the wholesale market, generating margins that benefit our Participants. Moreover, our 20-year Power Purchase Agreements with JEA and PowerSouth allow us to align resource needs with expected load requirements.

Involved in
the First New
U.S. Nuclear
Power Construction
in 40 Years

MEAG Power’s transmission staff works with Participants to ensure wholesale power is reliably available on high-voltage transmission lines and at 192 substations. This year, we provided transmission service to new and expanding businesses in Participants’ communities, some in record time to meet accelerated timetables. Additionally, employees work with Participants to expedite customized service solutions for businesses, as well as low-cost financing options for their municipal systems.

One of the Largest
Joint Action Agencies
in the Nation

Today, we not only offer a MEAG Power orientation program for employees, we also conduct these educational seminars for the staff of Participant communities. The orientation provides information and more importantly, opportunities to meet key staff members.

Over the years, MEAG Power has been the unified voice of Participants at the state and federal levels. In early 2018, our concerted efforts for Participants were particularly evident. The extension and modification of legislation concerning Nuclear Production Tax Credits — changes we had sought for years — became a reality. These changes will mean a substantial source of revenue to offset Vogtle Units 3&4 operating costs.

Fuel Portfolio

And finally, we are energizing the MEAG Power public power brand — raising awareness and fostering understanding with advertising, sponsorships, joint participation and close cooperation with Electric Cities of Georgia and other trade associations. We know our communities’ public power model is a key benefit. We want to be sure everyone else knows it too.