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A Roadmap to the Future:
MEAG Power Vision 2045

In 2020 MEAG Power adopted a new Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) – a roadmap to meet the future capacity and energy requirements of our 49 public power Participant communities. Since 2008, MEAG Power has delivered more than 50% emissions-free wholesale energy – and since 2016 has averaged nearly 70% emissions-free delivered energy. Even though our clean energy portfolio compares extremely favorably with both the state and national averages, we’re aiming higher.

MEAG Power’s Projected Delivered Energy

Our vision is to continue to transition our resource portfolio to address future requirements,
including increasing our emissions-free energy delivered to nearly 90% by 2045.

The newly adopted IRP charts a course toward achieving this vision that calls for a number of strategic steps, most already underway:


Continue to lessen our reliance on coal, and to exit our participation in Plant Wansley’s coal units.


Complete our first solar PPA (an approximately 100 MW initiative expected to enter commercial operation in 2024), and roll out additional solar in the future.


Support application for a subsequent license renewal to extend the operating license for Plant Hatch Unit 1 from 2034 to 2054, and for Hatch Unit 2 from 2038 to 2058.


Integrate the output from the new Plant Vogtle Units 3&4 into our portfolio when they are slated to come online in 2021 and 2022, respectively.