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Essential Connections

2020 Annual Report
Communities Participants MEAG Power

Essential Connections

2020 was a challenging year for individuals, families, business and industry, and communities across the state. As we all adapted in various ways, it became clear that electric power played a bedrock role in meeting the challenges faced by every facet of society. And the pandemic revealed the value of public power more clearly than ever.

That value flows through the essential connections on which public power is based.

MEAG Power has an essential connection with each of our 49 public power Participant communities; our sole focus is on providing reliable, affordable wholesale power to our Participants.

Our Participants, in turn, have an essential connection with their hometown’s residents, businesses, schools and government as the community’s locally owned and managed electric utility.

But essential connections don’t stop there.

They course through the numerous benefits our Participants deliver to their communities through local control of their electric utility: the connection to local decision-making; the connection to affordable wholesale power; the connection to community jobs and reinvestment; the connection to economic development and growth; the connection to reliability; and the connection to locally provided service, just to name a few.

Essential connections also flow through public power and joint action in the form of benefits that MEAG Power delivers to our Participants. Foremost among them is the connection to a 69% emissions-free diversified energy portfolio – among the cleanest in the Southeast, and getting even cleaner. Other benefits include: the connection to more than 2,000 MW of highly reliable generation capacity; the connection to investment-grade credit ratings and access to low-cost capital; and the connection to the statewide Integrated Transmission System, among others.

The following pages show and tell the story of the value of public power delivered through the local control it affords a community – control that has essential connections to factors that impact and foster a community’s quality of life and long-term well-being.

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